Your first home in Los Cabos

Joaquin Precoma Valle

Los Cabos is one of the world’s favorite destinations for weddings. To live that special moment with the Sea of Cortez as the stage and the witness of the love that united you to the person, with whom you will begin a new life together, is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. You will surely do everything
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Sabor a Cabo

The society event of the year in Los Cabos

On Saturday night, December 10th, a collection of the best restaurants in the region came together at Sabor a Cabo to be part of the 11th International Food & Wine Festival. The Sculpture Garden of Puerto Los Cabos served as the venue supported by an extraordinary number of hard working followers. The dedication and structure
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The Interview: Lori Silverman

“The last impression is as important as the first. We must, therefore, dazzle them with the exit.” The North American designer who created the brand Lori Silverman Shoes, redefines luxury in footwear by incorporating Swarovski crystals into the soles. Lori transforms classic designs such as zebra prints, leopard prints, dots and stripes, which never go
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Jesus Corral

Talking about romance can be as incredibly pleasurable as it is complex. To achieve romance, you simply must find the right time, the right place and the necessary elements. In previous issues, we talked about weddings and all things related to them. This time, we will help you select those ingredients and natural settings that
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A Note from the Editor

The definition of romance has been enriched and idealized over time by different genres of literature and films that feature stories about romantic characters, places and situations. Romance has also long been associated with flowers, dinners, poetry, beaches, and adventure. In other words, romance is the perfect subject for a travel magazine such as Tendencia.
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Stand Strong

Dolphin Discovery Only by looking after the well-being of others are you able to find your own! The goal of the Dolphin Discovery foundation is the comprehensive development of children from birth to 16 years of age. An integrated model of cooperation between different sectors in the community is employed to promote an organized civil
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Nature nourishes our senses

María Elena Muriel

Environmentalists and experts in the study of human behavior have diagnosed the effect on societies in big cities that are surrounded by buildings and have a deficit of contact with nature. Among other things, the inhabitants suffer from anxiety, migraine headaches and depression, three of the great evils of society today. The question arises that
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Missionary Art & History

Elizabeth Acosta Mendía

Misión de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de La Paz Airapí (1720-1749) La Paz Bay was discovered by Hernan Cortez in 1535 and named by Sebastian Vizcaino in 1596. The area was explored by Admiral Isidro de Atondo y Antillon in 1683 and Father Juan Maria de Salvatierra in 1716 in search of a mission site.
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Dance, as a lifestyle

Rosa Maria Salgado

Dancing is felt in the body, soul and mind. It is an accumulation of sensations that can only be experienced by sliding your feet and moving your body. It’s like following a compass; turn, turn, turn until you reach a sublime moment when, in a bright magical instant, you fly free. It is a feeling
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