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Missionary Art & History

SANTIAGO DE LAS CORAS, SANTIAGO APÓSTOL O SANTIAGO AIÑINI (1721-1795) Endowed by the Marquis of Villapuente, the mission was established by Father Ignacio Maria Napoli on the gulf side at the southern end of the peninsula. The missionary, obeying the orders of Father Ugarte who was leaving for Colorado, arrived at the port of Las
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The Culture of the Dress: Threads & Needles

Rosamaria Mendoza Salgado

A comprehensive discussion of attire requires that we transport ourselves back to the beginnings of humanity where protection from the rigors of the climate was what really mattered. The art of sewing began by joining pieces of skins that were softened by rudimentarily tanning. Early humans used them to cover their nudity and avoid the
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