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Revillagigedo National Park, proudly Mexican

In the Pacific Ocean, nearly 200 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, resides the largest national park in North America. Revillagigedo National Park is proudly Mexican. With impressive dimensions of 37 million acres, this federally Protected Natural Area was created by presidential decree on November 27, 2017. National parks are biogeographic representations of relevance that
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Jose Soto Molina

Adventurers, lovers of nature and hidden paradises, and those who seek new experiences in unknown lands will discover the most unsuspected experiences in the geography of the municipality of Comondu. Just ask the web about Comondu. It will bring up hundreds of majestic images of desert landscapes, fantastic animals, canyon corridors and mountains, endless dunes,
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La Paz

Adventure tourism in La Paz! La Paz is the ideal destination for those who prefer experiences in close proximity to nature and in an environment in harmony with the local community. If you decide to discover La Paz during the holidays, you can enjoy a diversity of beaches, landscapes, water activities, adventures and walks that
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