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Jesus Corral

In my life as a student, there were always “multiple choice” exams and invariably the “all of the above” option would eventually appear. I mention this, because on this occasion, with our issue being on meeting and conventions tourism, I could write about one or more reasons to  make Los Cabos your choice for this
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A Note from the Editor

Los Cabos has the magic of being a leading tourist destination. The spectacular effect in Los Cabos is created, definitively, by the dynamism and collaboration of the entire hospitality industry that works organized as a team, to continuously maintain a culture of excellence in service. Add to that surprising scenarios and adventures that you would
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Scented Soil

Dr. José Martín Olmos Ceseña

There is a majestically place of immense natural beauty in the vicinity of the Sierra de la Laguna. It is called Rancho Santa Rita and it is dedicated to alternative tourism. The serrano circuit of the northern area of ​​the municipality of Los Cabos is composed of several ranches that make the most of their
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