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Stand Strong

Fundación Nunca Dejes de Volar A.C. Salvador de Haro Inda created the foundation in 2014 after receiving a miraculous second chance in his fight against cancer. Since that time, he has shared a message of hope to those who battle the same disease.   Mission Help children and adults during the most difficult moments of
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Sigma Foodservice, proveedor líder en el mercado por brindar soluciones integrales liderada regionalmente por el Ing.

Sigma Foodservice

Sigma Foodservice is a leading provider of integrated solutions. Led by regional director Ing. Ivan Sanchez, Sigma Foodservices produces a series of events called Chef to Chef. Ana Belen Cortez, chef and culinary advisor to Sigma, meets with fellow chefs to cook and spend pleasant moments among friends who share the same passion for cooking.
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Ivan Mucharratz   Thierry Blouet Afirma el trabajo que realizamos, da buenos resultados y la gente lo nota.  Eso nos motiva para continuar trabajando.

Culinary Awards Red Carpet

Ivan Mucharratz   Thierry Blouet I am very happy to receive this nomination. It affirms the work that has been accomplished, and people notice the results. That motivates me to continue working.   Guillermo Téllez   Poncho Cadena   Javier Plasencia   Osvaldo Vázquez It has been a pleasant surprise to have received seven nominations
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Del Cabo Good Vibes!

When we talk about design and event planning, we imagine incredible destination events in the best hotels or locations in Los Cabos with the trendiest furniture and the latest decorations. Del Cabo Event Design is a company dedicated to successful corporate events, weddings and social events. With more than 15 years experience in the market
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