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Sabor a Cabo

The society event of the year in Los Cabos

On Saturday night, December 10th, a collection of the best restaurants in the region came together at Sabor a Cabo to be part of the 11th International Food & Wine Festival. The Sculpture Garden of Puerto Los Cabos served as the venue supported by an extraordinary number of hard working followers. The dedication and structure
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Chef Bueno

Healthy Kitchens Hello friends. I come to you again to talk a little bit about organic and healthy ingredients from Baja California Sur. Food today has assumed a very important role in our lives. We continue to get further away from the artificial preservatives and processed foods that have negatively affected our health. The body
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Inspired by the desert, vegetation and adobe buildings, Brazilian architect Arthur Casas has combined local elements to create the multicultural and cosmopolitan design of the TORO Latin Kitchen & Bar. Colonial architecture served as the inspiration for the entry but the iron bar guardrails have been replaced with steel cables and the side walls are
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