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The Legend

The Hotel Frances is a wonderful example of Santa Rosalia’s picturesque wooden buildings. You can sit on the wooden boards of the European veranda and look passed mine pilings, tunnels, and rusting machinery to the blue sea. It is easy to imagine you are a visitor from a century past. The Hotel Frances was built
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Grilled Fossil

Juan Melgar

We floated. Three divers at the mouth of the narrow cove called Los Lobos, near the magical town of Todos Santos. The waves of the Pacific Ocean thundered against the stone monoliths of the coast, with us tossing on their foamy spines. Down below, ten fathoms away, a chubby shadow came out of a cave
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The Legend: The Triumph of Love

The story of this couple began at the end of the last century near El Triunfo, when it was a thriving mining community. There was a family, like many, who had a certain way of living supported by a good income. In this family there was an extremely beautiful girl who fell in love with
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