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The Interview: Lori Silverman

“The last impression is as important as the first. We must, therefore, dazzle them with the exit.” The North American designer who created the brand Lori Silverman Shoes, redefines luxury in footwear by incorporating Swarovski crystals into the soles. Lori transforms classic designs such as zebra prints, leopard prints, dots and stripes, which never go
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The Interview – Modu Seye

The ModuVated team is passionate about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They believe in leading by example and holding themselves to a high standard. It is not just about talking the talk, but also walking the walk. “There is no sense in teaching something that you don’t apply to your own life.” “Wellness is
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The Interview – Luis Flores

Nothing in life is free. That’s especially true for sports. The cost of becoming a professional is personal discipline and dedication. For Luis, the definition of discipline is to be attentive and focused on something you really want to achieve. Luis arrived in La Paz in 1976 as a tennis instructor. After 40 years of
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