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Todos Santos

Todos Santos, with its cobble-stone streets, well preserved buildings and the warmth of its people, this picturesque town is located at the edge of an oasis. Perhaps that is why visitors consider it a refuge of inspiration. It is a place to fall asleep under a starry sky and wake up with the first rays
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The awards that show the gastronomic beauty of Los Cabos

Culinary Awards Los Cabos is a tribute to those restaurants that have confirmed, over the years, their presence in the culinary sector. Restaurants with different styles of cuisine located in San Jose del Cabo, the Tourist Corridor, and Cabo San Lucas participated enthusiastically in the first edition.  Currently, Culinary Awards Los Cabos is waiting to open its second season by inviting restaurateurs
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Chorizos for Dinner

Juan Melgar

  An experimental theater company formed by young students from La Paz performed To None Of The Three by Fernando de Rojas at the Marquez de Leon theater. Nestor Agondez, a tireless promoter of culture, invited the actors to dinner at the only place in the village “where they serve something.” Something was cooking in
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By Jesús Corral

Why do people get married? It’s a question with many answers. Perhaps as many as the number of ways there are to conduct the event. he traditional concept of a wedding has not lost its appeal. Many couples around the world still prefer a church, floral arrangements, organ or choral music, custom designed white dresses
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