Chef Bueno

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”25px”]Hello. My name is Rodrigo Bueno, better known as Chef Bueno.[/dropcap]


I am originally from mainland Mexico but Southcalifornian at heart. I will be sharing stories full of tasty flavors in this new section of Tendencia Magazine throughout the year.

My cooking experience began when I was eight years old and worked as a cook in a burger restaurant. When I was 16 years old, I took Japanese cooking classes and learned how to make sushi. A year later, I went to work in a Japanese restaurant where I discovered my true vocation: “Chef.”

I moved to the City of Puebla to study Culinary Arts at the Culinary Institute of Mexico. From there, I returned to Mexico City and worked for five years as the executive chef at Mediterranean restaurants. During these years, I also taught cooking at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Traveling through Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean has helped me discover and understand the flavors of different cultures. In 2006, I arrived in Baja California Sur and worked for five years as Sous Chef at the One & Only. From there, I worked in the Hotel Rancho Pescadero as Executive Chef for three and a half years.

I currently work at Club 96 and Villas del Mar managing breakfasts that feature an organic and healthy rural concept. I also prepare dinners at Luna a Mexican restaurant and Asian style cuisine at Tashi. On top of that, I offer catering service and the Villas Culinary experiences.

How do I perceive the gastronomy in Baja California Sur now compared to 2006?

I feel it is time for a big change for those who want to offer and taste the real flavors of Baja California Sur and Mexico. Today, many Mexican and international chefs are trying to use more ingredients from the entire Mexican Republic. We are committed to educating visitors about the richness of our cuisine. Let’s use what México has to offer and cook according to today’s culinary trend. That is, of course, to eat healthy, organic, local and Mexican.

During the nine years I have been in Baja California Sur, I have learned a lot about local gastronomy and have valued what this land can give us. Let’s support the local producers and highlight the best of our land in our kitchens.

Cook with love and be proud of this land!

Thank you Tendencia.

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