Tanya Talamante

A native of Tijuana, Tanya studied industrial design but found art to be her true vocation. With her mother as her biggest supporter, she arrived in Los Cabos 24 years ago. The natural environment of this area has served as an inspiration for her work.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

What fascinates me is that every day I do what I love. Few people work at what they like.

Who has inspired you?

My children are definitely my greatest inspiration.

What techniques do you use to paint?

The mixed technique is my favorite. I love working with tape materials and pigment powders.

How would you describe the theme of your work?

The object of my work is feminism. I love to capture the power of women and

what they can achieve.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist?

The greatest challenge has been the commercial aspect of painting. It’s not just painting what I like, but what people want to buy and admire. For a long time I painted with classic colors and techniques. I now take advantage of technology and have taken more risks.


What would you like to accomplish in your career as an artist?

One of my goals is to have my work shown in a museum or an international exhibit space.

Where have you had exhibitions?

In Los Cabos, I have shown my work at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, the Muvezi gallery in San Jose del Cabo and The Loggia at the One & Only Palmilla.

What has been the most important achievement in your career?

Until now, being in charge of the art program at The Loggia at the One & Only Palmilla Hotel. It is very exciting to work with guests in a workshop where they can take their art home as a souvenir from their trip.

In addition, it is fulfilling to oversee the installation, reception and sale of the work from various local artists. We all have a different style and the guests can learn from each of them.

Is it difficult to detach yourself from the work?

At first, it was clear that the goal was to paint pictures that would sell. However, there comes a time in life when you want to keep all of your work.

Any work that has captured you the most?

Of the collections I have done, the one I remember most is a monochromatic series of the snow painted in 2008 and called “It’s all in your head.” It was an intense period in my life and has been my most popular series.


In San Miguel de Allende, I painted a self-portrait that was part of “My Underwater World” series. It was my first exhibition to be sold in Los Cabos. I fell so hard for this portrait that I asked the buyer to sell it back to me if, at some point, he no longer wanted it. The owner put it in his will that the painting should come back to me. It is in my possession again. I can say that for the first time ever, I’ve hung my own work of art at home!

(624) 147-7210

Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 31.5, San José del Cabo.

www.tanyatalamante.com/ Talamante Art Studio

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