Yandi Monardo

What part of your job are you the most passionate about?

All projects are interesting but there’s a different vibe when I start a new one. Thinking about the format I will work in, the design and the color scheme moves me.

When did you discover this was your vocation?

I liked to draw and paint from a very young age. My search was reinforced by participating in various workshops, meeting different teachers and artists, studying the works in museums and galleries and implementing the learned exercises.

Who has influenced your artistic style?

I was fortunate to be one of the last students of Luis Alberto Solari, the renowned painter from Uruguay. He, along with Mario González Sosa, were early influences on my technique. Later I discovered the Constructivist work of Joaquin Torres Garcia. I studied the Mexican muralists, the Oaxaqueño movement, the expressionist American painting. They all expanded my range of styles.


How would you describe your work?

Abstract expressionism.

What technique do you use to paint?

The most contemporary are acetate sheets. They create an interesting impression. I received an honorable mention in the Biennial of Baja California Sur for this technique.

Who has inspired you to keep growing?

Definitely my wife, daughter, family. The people around me and where I live are catalysts that move me. The birth of my daughter. This event aroused a totally different passion than what I had previously pursued.


What is your contribution to culture in Los Cabos?

My contribution is to provide the community of Los Cabos an approach to spaces where teachers and artists exhibit their works of art for appreciation, contemplation, reflection, criticism, etc. Thus the knowledge gained can be shared to generate artistic expression workshops. Art education of children, youth and adults is essential for the different generations involved in freedom of expression, and the documentation derived from it is fundamental for our transit in the world.


How did Tendencia Avenue get started?

It arose from the desire to open new spaces for local, national or international artists that find inspiration in this peninsula.

We live in a community where arts and culture are taken for granted. Even so, there are few galleries in Los Cabos that offer space for other artists. This project is precisely to meet that need. I am involved in talking with the artists, knowing their work, and supervising the mounting of an exhibition. There are artists who have been painting for a lifetime, others who have visited Baja California Sur and their work is inspired by this land. We have tried to make room for them all at different times.

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