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Eforea Spa Hilton

Wellness is a lifestyle that can be easily incorporated into your life.   In general, when you think about a vacation, the first thing that probably comes to mind is getting away from your daily environment and enjoying relief from the stress that comes from everyday routines. You look for a place where you can
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Los Cabos, a high-level wellness destination

Joaquín Précoma Valle

Fifty-five percent of the world’s population now lives in urban areas. In a mere two decades, it is expected that big cities will house more than sixty-six percent. The migration from rural areas to cities is a phenomenon that originated in the nineteenth century with the industrial revolution. Migratory movement began between countries with completely
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Mercedes Trophy 2016

The Grand National Final of the 2016 Mercedes Trophy was celebrated in Los Cabos. The lucky winners will participate in the International Grand Final in Stuttgart, Germany.   The Mercedes Trophy is the most anticipated amateur golf tournament in Mexico. More than 50,000 golfers participate in the tournament in different countries. Mexico is one of
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