The Interview – Juan Colin


Triathlete, Ironman

Juan Colin has lived the life of a triathlete for more than 25 years. He understands that taking your body to the extreme requires sacrifice, discipline and constant training. Sport builds character and is actually more mental than physical. Who hasn’t been fed up with exercise and abandoned the lifestyle? Sport as a discipline positively impacts our mental state everyday. It becomes a habit that transitions into a lifestyle. Getting up early, organizing your day, always looking ahead and not giving up are some of the positive influences that come from sports.

“My father taught us sports from a young age. Swimming and tennis came first. Later, some friends and I became interested in triathlons as a personal challenge. My favorite sports figures are Mark Allen, Chris Wellington, Chris McCormack and Luc Mackenzie. They are athletes whose lives are in balance. Their behavior reflects the hard work they put into preparing for competition and the love they have for all aspects of life.”

The competition known as Ironman started in Hawaii as a challenge race between military friends. The same friends who created the race developed the Ironman brand. Today, it is recognized in more than 15 countries as the most physically challenging race in the world.

There are triathlons with different distances. The Olympic race is the most popular. To compete at this distance, one should ideally start training by age 16 when muscles begin to mature and cardiovascular capabilities are high.

“No one should enter an Ironman just because it is fashionable. An important part of wellness is the care of one’s physical health. If you wake up one morning and suddenly demand that your body give maximum effort, you will be doing exactly the opposite of true wellness, even if for sport reasons.”

Of course, with discipline, objectives can be achieved. When you first begin to train, it’s advisable that you not do it alone. Connect with a coach or a peer group, get a medical checkup and initiate a healthy diet.

“You must approach sports with passion to overcome the I can’t go feeling of being tired or thoughts about quitting. In my case, I don’t run with music. Those minutes or hours are my time for personal meditation. For me, it is spiritual. An opportunity to give thanks and dedicate the effort to someone or a cause.”


“My children, breathing, the beauty around me and the love of friends are my inspiration. For me, sport is more than a discipline. It is a part of my life that I share with family and friends. My favorite quote: If you have to ask why, it is something you will never understand.”

Despite a heart problem that required surgery and almost drove him from his greatest passion, Juan has been able to continue with his sport. For him, discipline is about having order and a plan to determine what he likes or does not like. Quality of life is to be at peace. From that point of view, he considers Los Cabos a safe destination, with plenty of beautiful views, oxygen and space for recreation.


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