The Interview – Modu Seye

The ModuVated team is passionate about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They believe in leading by example and holding themselves to a high standard. It is not just about talking the talk, but also walking the walk. “There is no sense in teaching something that you don’t apply to your own life.”

“Wellness is a balance of emotional, physical, nutritional, and spiritual health. It is not just a matter of fitness.” It’s up to each of us to make the right choices to achieve optimum health and work towards a more balanced lifestyle. Don’t wait until you no longer have the choice. Take tiny steps today to achieve big results tomorrow.

“It´s not about where you are from, but whom you choose to become.” It’s important to remember your roots but to also choose your own road. You are not a victim of circumstances. You can always change your future with hard work and discipline wherever you are in the world.

“The key to achieving a wellness lifestyle is to have balance and be true to yourself, so people can relate to you. Personally, I like to go beyond my comfort zone but always look for that peace of mind.”

You can definitely reach emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through physical activity. Anybody can achieve that and when you are happy you can transmit it to other people. Then you can make it a lifestyle.

There is no perfect age to start training your body. You can begin as a child or wake up one day and decide you need a change. It’s important to keep in mind that what works for someone else might not work for you. You need to stay focused and do what makes you happy.

“For me, discipline is what you do to reach a goal in life. Who do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered? Based on that, you wake up in the morning and do whatever it takes to get closer to that goal.”

“Being a personal trainer means a lot to me. I get to do what I love and also help people make a difference in their lives. I feel really blessed because it also helps me to be a better person.”

“I have to be honest, people changing their lives inspires me all the time. I do my best and I can also tell when someone does their best. We can meet in the middle and share the load by working together. It is really about teamwork and mutual inspiration.”

Happiness is Modu’s passion. Spending time with his son and his friends is important. He loves his work and lives a simple life. After the challenge of leaving his profession in the computer industry, he now knows what it is like to work in a field you don’t enjoy. This makes him really appreciate what he has now and he takes nothing for granted.

“To be honest, I didn´t know when Moduvated started eight years ago that it would grow to be this big. However, at this point it is still just the beginning. I go with the flow and my real vision is to inspire the next generation. Moreover, it is about the team with whom you work. I couldn’t do it alone. When someone reads our story I want them to feel motivated and know, with discipline, it is possible to achieve anything in life.

Motivated to always go further in life, Modu invites us to reflect. Why should we stop here and now? If we did, we wouldn’t know what else might come. With the upcoming opening of the new gym, we can expect something different. It will include state-of-the-art machines, personal and functional training, group fitness classes, and nutrition counseling.

“I am very excited about bringing something new to the local community in Los Cabos. The beauty of the landscape and the freshness of the environment make Los Cabos a great place to achieve wellness. I have to travel to many places, yet I haven’t found anything like this destination. It is a true paradise.”

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Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Welcome to our Life in Balance issue. We hope you enjoy the interviews with the influential people of Los Cabos who have made wellness their life’s work. All are recognized experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition and sports and they’re ready to share their valuable advice on the many different methods for getting and staying healthy.