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The Interview – Rosa María Guzmán

Developing as a human being can resemble a climb up a steep, slippery slope. It is impossible to stop without slipping backwards. Learning is essential if we want to continue to grow and that includes intellectual development. The important thing is to always head up.

Romi came to Los Cabos 12 years ago to support the career of her husband. Moving her family with six children was a challenge.

“At the time, I had taken some family oriented human development courses that had positively affected my personal life. This motivated me to work for eight consecutive years to bring courses, workshops, seminars and degrees to Los Cabos, all supported by the ESDAI and Cauce. I found my life’s vocation in the organization and development of each program.”

With the trust and support of some friends, Romi started offering classes in Los Cabos. The coordination and time needed at the beginning was demanding but she valued every minute and fondly remembers how people would thank her or share how a seminar helped them become a better person. Those were the times that made it possible to keep working.


“The issues discussed at this stage were Human Development, Household Management, Family Counseling, Adolescence, Speech Therapy and the Colors of Emotions. Over the different sessions, the lecturers left a lasting impression on the hearts of the participants. Some of them were Gilda Montaner, Letty Clappés, Monica Vellatti and Jesus Amaya.”

Reading a wide range of topics enriches, renews, and reveals new trends. It is essential to read good literature, because we are what we read.
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“I think we’re a unit. Intellectual development or stagnation affects for good or ill the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental areas. We cannot separate one thing from the other. We all believe in something and exemplary individuals balance these areas.”

“To educate the intelligence is to give light to the will. To know the good and want to do it. Intelligence seeks the truth.”

“With the whole of my being, I would like to support the natural institution of the family. Starting from individual development, to a united family and then to an integrated society.”

Contemplating the nature of generosity and personal dedication are two concepts that inspire Romi to move forward. She considers her parents as her greatest influence. Both their virtues and their mistakes serve as lessons for her.


The many genres of music are one of her recreational passions. The study of family and educational reading are two more. For her, discipline is the step needed to reach a goal.

The short commute times in Los Cabos and the climate are factors that make it the perfect place to enjoy an excellent quality of life. It offers an opportunity to return home for meals, spend leisure time with the family and enjoy the services that come with a great tourist destination.

“Your life should leave a footprint. You should not go unnoticed and not disappear, but do something worthwhile that gives your life meaning.”

“Where your time is, your heart is.” Like Jiminy Cricket, this saying helped Romi stay alert and focused on where she invested her time. If you’re aware that family should come first, but you don’t take the time to be with family members, something is out of balance.

“During the seminars, I built sincere friendships. The transition of my career came precisely from this trust. Several of the parents that had taken the courses or earned diplomas, contacted me to become the director of Del Mar International School. It was a smart decision for me to accept the offer and a chance of a lifetime.”


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