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Californian Literature

El viento, motivo de diseño

Portrait of the Author

Nora Alvarado created this book to provide guidance and prevention information about the natural phenomena that occurs in Los Cabos because of its geographical location. It took 18 months of hard work and interviews to finish the book.

Nora’s intention is to raise awareness and provide the training those who live in this port must know. It is vital information for those living on a peninsula.

In the analysis of this topic, she found buildings and residential complexes that were not damaged, and some structures that withstood high wind speeds. Consequently, we can use these construction standards and prevention measures to avoid disasters.


Portrait of the Book


Purpose: Prevent – Inform – Acknowledge constructive mistakes – Assist. The book is divided into three phases, Urban Image, Social Impact and Recovery. Among the subjects addressed in this book are construction details to protect homes and opinions on psychosocial aspects.

Providing this research to the community is the author’s number one mission. In the interviews, there was a great deal of interest in sharing experiences and growing as a society to protect the city.

On the subject of recovery, the book set the tone by delivering an acknowledgment to Juan Carbajal, commander of the Fire Department and his selfless work in helping the port recover, and to Ruben Reachi who implemented the right mechanisms and brought in the right people to re-open Los Cabos to tourism.


“We live in a paradise that we are learning to understand,” Nora Alvarado.

“There are no natural disasters. There are natural events that may become disasters due to a lack of prevention,” Juan Carbajal.


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