Rechtlich & Gentan I, S.C. began operations in 2005. The partners started with the idea of creating a high performance office where the members committed themselves to efficient, timely and friendly legal services for important national and international companies with operations in Mexico.


The Los Cabos office is currently directed by Hector Cota Segovia-Tavera, a managing partner with more than 14 years experience in business labor matters. Segovia-Tavera graduated from the Universidad La Salle, AC. Mexico City campus and is an adjunct professor of Criminal Law matters at his alma mater. He also teaches Collective Labor Law at the Universidad Anahuac del Norte.


Hector Cota Segovia-Tavera uses education to strengthen his commitment to his profession. He has a diploma-specialty called Labor Law and Social Security that is given by the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM). He has also achieved certification as a Specialist in Psychotherapy and Coaching Assisted with Horses endorsed by the Mexican Association of Coaching Assisted with Horses, AC. The New Law of Amparo by Dr. Miguel Carbonell is part of his ongoing education and he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Labor Procedural Law.