The Interview: Lori Silverman

“The last impression is as important as the first. We must, therefore, dazzle them with the exit.”

The North American designer who created the brand Lori Silverman Shoes, redefines luxury in footwear by incorporating Swarovski crystals into the soles. Lori transforms classic designs such as zebra prints, leopard prints, dots and stripes, which never go out of fashion, by applying them to the soles of her shoes. It is her identifying and distinguishing characteristic.

“I have been inspired by so many things, but in particular I have always had a passion for shoes. I am an admirer of Judith Leiber, designer of purses in conjunction with the Swarovski brand. My vision from the beginning was to transfer that glamor to the shoe.”

Another interesting feature in the shoes Lori designs are the names of each model, which allude to women she admires and who have inspired her.


“Of all the shoes I have designed, my favorite is the high-heeled model I named Joan in honor of Joan Rivers. It is simple but elegant. For me, it represents the red-carpet style that characterized this actress.”

Lori Silverman Shoes can be found in 27 countries. In the United States, her various collections are available in prestigious stores such as Fred Segal in Beverly Hills and Gregory’s in Dallas. Her shoes are also sold in Milan at the Tiramisu Shop and now in Cabo San Lucas at the boutique Miss R.

“Los Cabos is my second home. A destination where fashion is in vogue. With beautiful hotels that provide a welcoming atmosphere, it is the ideal place for a wedding or honeymoon. As a result, I decided to bring my brand.”

The bridal collection offers beautiful models that range between classic and modern. The inside of some shoes feature the distinctive blue color that honors the tradition of wearing something blue on the wedding day for good luck.

“My daughter was the first to walk to the altar, premiering this collection. They are truly unique and dazzling designs. In addition to the Swarovski crystals, we use pearls in the soles. Some with more than 500 pieces.”

All Lori Silverman Shoes are made in Italy. They combine talented engineering with skilled craftsmanship, the finest quality materials and elegance. The collections are divided into spring-summer and autumn-winter. The most recent models are in line with the spring-summer 2017 trend that was launched on the Milan runway on September 3, 2016.

“I travel constantly to keep abreast of trends in fabrics and colors. I am the first to visit the furriers before each season. This would be the second year we attended the Milan catwalk with the Lori Silverman Shoes brand. When you return consecutively, it generates great interest in the fashion industry.”

“I love Los Cabos food. It’s a destination where I feel calm and safe. The weather, the warmth of the people and the service are inspiring. I enjoy relaxing and simply contemplating the environment.”

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