Del Cabo Event Design

Veronica Tancredi

“My family has been the greatest source of inspiration for this project. My parent’s terrace is full of flowers. Even though they have never studied gardening and are not experts, they have kept a giant orchid alive for 15 years. Since childhood, my mother encouraged my creativity and love of nature.”

Veronica Tancredi moved to Mexico eight years ago. She pursued the profession of interior design in her hometown of Rome. The desire to experience other parts of the world encouraged her to look for an opportunity in another country. Among the first offers she received was one from Mexico City. She accepted immediately because she had always been enthusing of living in this country.


After three years of working between Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Veronica realized she was maintaining the same hectic pace she did in Rome. She decided it was time to live in a quieter place, especially near the sea. A friend suggested she explore Los Cabos. From the very first moment, she fell in love with the destination and decided to make it her new home.

“Through a photographer friend, I met Yahwe and his team at Del Cabo Event Design. I joined his company in the position of event design production.”


At the age of 40, Veronica decided to take her passion for nature and design to another level. She and Luca, Yahwe’s husband, came up with the idea of learning to design floral arrangements. Luca became Veronica’s colleague and partner and added floral design to the services offered by the company. That’s how Del Cabo Floral Design was created.

In 2016, Veronica traveled to New York where she studied at the prestigious FlowerSchool New York and immersed herself in the wonderful world of floral design.

“One of the things I learned is that design is important, but proper care of the flowers is essential for an extraordinary result. Following the rules and trends in any art is very good and gives you a general idea, but when conceptualizing an event or arrangement, love and passion are the real weapons for a striking design.”


During her time in New York, she practiced her profession in high-ranking companies and collaborated in events such as the Power of Women 2016.

After three months in the Big Apple, she moved to Mexico City to join a French company that made floral arrangements. It is essential in the business to experience a diversity of events and she was able to work on luxurious weddings at the Hotel Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende.

Later, Veronica traveled to Los Angeles, California to work on large projects. Typical events of the film Mecca city.

One of the main goals of Del Cabo Floral Design is to offer people the opportunity to beautify their homes and offices with the feeling of life that flowers add to any space.


“Interpreting the ideas of each client and being able to play with colors, textures and shapes is very important. In the future, we seek to get more involved in the community, especially in the summer, through schools and creative workshops for children.”

“Each event is different even though the theme is the same. The team at Del Cabo Event Design is from different countries and that brings fresh and varied perspectives when organizing events.”


“Veronica’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism were instrumental in designating her as a leader at Del Cabo Floral Design. Her career and experience in New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles made her the perfect candidate to add the flower arrangement service and this will cover the complete production of each event we do.”

Yahwe García.

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