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On May 30th, 2017, ComNor Sigma hosted a meeting of business partners to thank them for their trust and confidence and to demonstrate the support the brand offers the partner’s different divisions. It was the second such meeting hosted by ComNor Sigma.

[two_first] The restaurant La Deriva, Cucina Italiana was chosen as the location for the event. Chef Emanuele Olivero oversaw preparing the menu and incorporated at least one ComNor company product as the main ingredient. Ana Belen Cortez, the company’s Culinary Specialist participated in the demonstration and preparation.

The event began with a welcome cocktail reception followed by an elegant dinner with wine selected for this special occasion. Guests were served by the Executive Committee arranged by Commercial Director Osciel Villafranca, Regional Manager Ivan Sanchez, Los Cabos Branch Manager Marco Antonio Ramirez. and Human Resources Director Carlos Orozco.

In the style characteristic of Italian Culture and inspired by the architectural style of the colorful Amalfi coast, La Deriva has made an exquisite selection of coverings, textiles and furnishings which achieve a perfect balance between the traditional and contemporary with a jaw-dropping view of the Sea of Cortez.

[/two_first][two_second] The menu of Chef Patron Emanuele Olivero is inspired from a philosophy of tradition and his cuisine has a long history passed down from generation to generation, which is why his objective is to preserve the authentic flavor of Italy with its northern influence. Each plate expresses tradition and innovation, at the same time offering the highest quality local Baja California products.

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Issue 32 - Discover, Explore & Experience
Issue 32 - Discover, Explore & Experience
For years, the unique environment of the Baja California peninsula has been an inspiration for those who visit. In fact, it was the exotic beauty of this desert between two seas that led to its conquest centuries ago by pirates, missionaries and explorers, including the first settlers, the Guaycuras, Pericues and Cochimies Indians who adapted to the weather. All were determined, visionary adventurers who forged the story of Baja California Sur.


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