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Guepardo Group celebrates its 40th anniversary

This year, Budget celebrates 50 years of doing business in Mexico and the Guepardo Group in Los Cabos celebrates its 40th anniversary. A hallmark of Budget is to give customers the absolute best service from the moment the vehicle keys are handed over. Superior service is an important part of the motivation for going to work everyday.

A dream of two young people in Mazatlan and an alliance with Ricardo Insunza turned into Guepardo Group in 1976. “After several trips and licenses, we obtained the Budget franchise in Mazatlan. Later, we expanded to Culiacan and Los Mochis. It was in 1988 that we ventured into Los Cabos as Dollar Car Rental. Under the shade of a guamuchil tree, we started to rent and service our cars.”

“One of the biggest challenges was starting a company without resources or experience. We were young and inexperienced, but our vision and desire to succeed got us noticed. The banks and financiers agreed to give us credit and then the automotive agencies put their trust in us. Little by little, we bought cars to create the fleet we have today.”

“At first, we washed cars and opened contracts. Watching your company grow generates a deep affection and commitment. Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune of having people whose values are shared with Budget’s objectives: honesty and a desire to fulfill dreams. Acquiring the Master Budget franchise in Mexico is one of my most treasured achievements.”

“There is a phrase that motivates me everyday: how best to swim this new sea? What has already happened will not return. The future is ahead. There will always be situations that take us by surprise. They become the new reality and seeking to be part of the solution is the best way to get ahead.”


“Los Cabos gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves as entrepreneurs. The deep affection I have for this place that has become my home, the sea and the people, is very special. It increases my commitment to provide excellent service that improves the reputation of this destination.”

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