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The research to document the history of Baja California Sur is a task we undertake with great pleasure. We are absolutely dedicated to collecting first hand information from those who are experts in their in fields.

Through our research, we learned that Cabo San Lucas was the first place on the peninsula that received the name of California. The seductive and enigmatic effect this destination had on the first visitors is the same visitors experience today.

[two_first] Between 1683 and 1834, a road was built, called Camino Real de California, that united the missions of the territory and later connected Baja California and Alta California. Once a mission was established, the connection between it and the next mission was improved. The road was widened, paved and equipped with the minimum number of items for maintenance and support. The missionaries had the technical knowledge that facilitated the design. However, it was thanks to the commitment of the soldiers and natives that the construction of the Camino Real was made possible.

It was originally a bridle path, which has been modified and improved over the years. At present, it is part of the road network between Mexico and the United States.

Although it is necessary to separate the myth, poetry and legends from the historical reality, the story never ceases to be magical.

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La investigación para documentar la historia de Baja California Sur es una tarea que emprendemos con gran satisfacción. Estamos absolutamente dedicados a recopilar información de quienes son expertos o actores principales.


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