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Stand Strong

WE LOVE OUR TOWN Officially established in September 2017, the activities of Anamos Nuestro Pueblo are focused on developing opportunities for the vulnerable population of Todos Santos. Mission: Help improve the area’s health, education, culture and environment. Vision: A community with more opportunities and less risk. Donations and Information Rosa Isela Ramirez Tel. (612) 127-3216
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Cave paintings in Baja California Sur

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

Rock paintings are considered the oldest intangible cultural item in the world. In Mexico, it’s possible to find expressions of this nature in different places. For example, the Baja California peninsula has several areas where you can appreciate the beauty of cave art. It is appropriate to mention here that the National Institute of Anthropology
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From dusty road to the Camino Real in Southern California

Rosamaría Mendoza Salgado

The geography of the California peninsula has been delineated over thousands of years by trails carved through plains, valleys, crests of the sierra, and over the earth, sand and rocks trodden by the indigenous people who populated this land. The paths joined ranches and places inhabited by Californios where there were watering holes and land
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