Chef Bueno: With style and seasoning

Architecture has become a fundamental element for a restaurant. The current trend is to make the environment a priority with semi-open spaces, and the inclusion of natural elements such as water and fire. The surroundings also inspire chefs to cook hand-in-hand with the design and fuse ingredients.

On this occasion, I had the opportunity to visit the Comal restaurant. The architecture is very interesting. It harmonizes perfectly with the sea and the desert. The lighting and fireplaces made the spectacular open space, high ceilings and long walls of white stone stand out even more.

Chef Yvan Mucharraz allowed me to sample some of the delicious dishes he prepared. It could be said they “paired to perfection” with the architecture. There was octopus and pork casserole, fresh scallops with different sauces, my favorite the aguachile, and to finish, a banana filled with cheese and a touch of cream and epazote.

[two_first] After sampling the dishes, I took my knife and set to work. Between the view of the sea and the restaurant design, I was inspired to prepare a shrimp ceviche with colorful corn, organic vegetables from the region and chiltepin sauce, followed by toast with fresh tuna and avocado cream, tender beets and organic lettuce.

It was a great haute cuisine night in harmony with the design!

Until the next tasty story.

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