Inspire Mexico Foundation – “build a bigger and better future for the community at large…”

The Inspire Mexico Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit supporting NGO’s in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur that work in the field of education. Working closely and strategically with our grantees, we partner in programs designed to empower individuals in their development of problem solving, consultation and leadership skills.


To provide educational opportunities to children and adults and help them continue their schooling, pursue higher education and ultimately advance their careers.

The Inspire Mexico Foundation grantees are:

  • Gente Joven Por Un CambioC. – An after-school program inspiring future generations to solve problems in their community by creating social change projects.
  • Mobilize Mankind – A mobility and independence project for children and youth with physical challenges and special needs.
  • IlumínameC – Constructing youth centers and bringing together like-minded organizations under one roof in collaborative social/nonprofit enterprises.

Donations can be made online or through fundraising events!
For more information or how to volunteer, go online to


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