Ivan Mucharratz Thierry Blouet Afirma el trabajo que realizamos, da buenos resultados y la gente lo nota. Eso nos motiva para continuar trabajando.

This was a year of new experiences for TENDENCIA, beginning with an alliance with PR Solutions to make the Culinary Awards Los Cabos 2018 possible. This first time event recognized the best gastronomy in the region. We learned a lot. The dynamics and interaction with the restaurants allowed us to understand the value of this industry even more. Enjoy our report and get ready for Culinary Awards 2019.

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Cabo Mil. Last October, we premiered a segment in the program of Isabel y Su Café. You can join us every Friday on Tendencia Explora.

Changing subjects, we want to thank Armando Figaredo Cantu for supporting us on the editorial board for eight years. At the same time, we want to welcome Soco García back to TENDENCIA.

How will we end the year? Forced marches! We’re designing the Events edition and, at the same time, the Art edition. It has definitely been a great year. Thanks to the wonderful team that makes TENDENCIA possible. Let’s go for more!

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