Sustentabilidad es aprovechar los recursos naturales en el presente sin afectar el consumo de las generaciones futuras.

“Sustainability is the method of taking advantage of natural resources in the present without affecting the consumption of future generations.”

Green Divas was created as an ecological alternative to reducing the environmental impact of daily life. Didi G. Romeike has been running the company for nine years. She is committed to providing society with a quality product while respecting nature. 

“The idea came when considering how to supply a cafeteria with organic food, natural dishes and fresh products. During the planning stage, it was determined that serving food in disposable biodegradable containers was the perfect solution.”

After the recession of 2009, the cafeteria plan was postponed. However, Didi’s interest in caring for the environment continued. At the moment, she is focused on educating people about the benefits of using biodegradable disposable items in Los Cabos. The challenge is being met because of the tenacity of the Green Divas founder and a vote of confidence from local leaders.

“The support of clients such as Edith’s, The Office, Milky Way Cafe, Nicksan Palmilla and Hotel Cabo Surf were fundamental to the success of Green Divas.”

“Green Divas now offers customers more than 100 products.”

The products are manufactured from sugarcane pulp, wheat chaff, cornstarch, palm leaves, bamboo, and more. Natural materials that are usually considered waste are processed and transformed into substantial disposable materials that are used once. When they are returned to the environment as garbage, they have a positive impact.

 “We rarely consider that our daily activities have a negative impact on the environment. Biodegradable disposables have a degradation time of six months in a commercial facility or six years in a domestic waste center. Being fully compostable, they not only breakdown quickly, but also nourish the earth with their natural properties.”

Why choose disposable biodegradable? Because they are:

  • Ecology friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Substantial and sturdy

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