Culinary Awards Statuette

Yandi Monardo, Artista Plástico

In 2017, I received an invitation from the Organizing Committee of Culinary Awards Los Cabos to contribute to this innovative project with the creation of the logo, which at the same time would be used to make a statuette.

From the very first moment, I knew that any recognition to the gastronomy of Los Cabos would have to include the pride and passion that can be created in a kitchen, by the way, it is similar as to an art workshop. And so, the art of gastronomy and sculpture came together.


The eyes glimpse the first impression and the sense of taste achieves the wellbeing of both the senses and soul. That emotion invaded me to present a design that could captivate from the beginning.

I designed several proposals for the recognition of the award-winning restaurants and chefs. The design that was chosen symbolizes an upright being with an attitude of pride for who it is and what it means to pamper the guests with each exquisiteness prepared, in addition, of the art that implies presenting a work that satisfies the palate.



Afterwards, the reproduction of the statuette was made. This laborious work was made by the prestigious jewelers of the company Talleres de los Ballesteros, located in Taxco, Guerrero.

Congratulations to all who participated and thanks for making Los Cabos a destination with the finest gastronomy.

Talleres de los Ballesteros was founded in 1937 in the mining and colonial city of Taxco, Guerrero during a rebirth of Mexican silversmithing.

From the very beginning, the focus has been on designing and making silver jewelry and other items by using traditional techniques and a deep emphasis on Mexican craftsmanship. The culture is based on the fundamental goal of meeting the expectations of their customers. As a result, their professionalism and quality have set them apart for more than 60 years. They are considered one of the best jewelry workshops in Mexico.

At Talleres de los Ballesteros, the objective is to preserve and promote the craftsmanship of their collaborators. An essential aspect in their growth is the conservation of the techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

As a leader in the fine silver jewelry industry, they are constantly training to get better and more competitive by improving the service culture and well-being of their collaborators. They remain committed to both the environment and community. All their collections are manufactured with environmentally-friendly techniques.

The Talleres de los Ballesteros operation employs more than 400 families of artisans who have been part of the company for generations and help to preserve the craftsmanship that can only be found in Mexico.

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Edición 38 - Culinary Awards Los Cabos
Edición 38 - Culinary Awards Los Cabos
Este año marca una nueva etapa para TENDENCIA con la alianza que se concretó con PR Solutions para realizar Culinary Awards Los Cabos 2018. En este primer evento que reconoció lo mejor de la gastronomía, aprendimos mucho. La dinámica e interacción con los restaurantes nos permitió valorar aún más esta industria. Disfruten este resumen, y esperen Culinary Awards 2019.


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