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The world of wine in Mexico

  Pedro Poncelis Master Sommelier While working in the restaurants of the Grand Velas resort, Pedro Poncelis has tools and clothing that elegantly identify him as a sommelier. He began our talk with words that denote his knowledge and he spoke with respect and enthusiasm about his profession. Pedro was named 2000 Sommelier of the
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From the desk of Laura G. Bueno

The human essence of creating and the beauty of appreciating every form of representation that astonishes the senses is the definition of: Culture. It is any manifestation of humans that enhances values and forms the traditions and beliefs of a people that endure, transcend and gives identity to a civilization. Mexico as a country has
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Come back with a fish or a suntan

Andrew Wale

The coast of Baja California Sur is famous for its abundant species of fish. There’s everything from marlin, tuna, and sailfish to the smaller snapper and skipjack. Of course, there are also the famous Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament. Thousands of tourists come to Baja California Sur just to fish for fun and relaxation. But
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