Cabo Cocktail Festival

Los Cabos is experiencing a great moment in time with international events taking advantage of the fantastic locations that support all kinds of activities.

Each organizing committee faces its own challenges. The greatest is to gain acceptance in the collective opinion. People must be presented with novel ideas day after day to gain and keep their interest. A robust advertising platform and networking are necessary to remain anchored to the community.

Events are by their nature the best opportunity to create notice for a brand and to offer new ways to influence the consuming public. Events provide a constant flow of new followers and are the best cover letter.

One of the events that occurred in 2018 and successfully met all expectation was the Cabo Cocktail Festival, organized by Osvaldo Vázquez and Danielle Tatarin.

Hospitality was the goal and the focus were on seminars tailored toward improving the level of service in mixology. The program lasted three days and combined the talent of the best mixologists from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Professionals mixed innovative drinks using premium brands of liquor for the occasion. Exquisite dishes were served in unique environments created exclusively for the event and music added the finishing touch to the eclectic evenings.

The festival will surely be an expected addition to the calendar of events for the year 2019!

Social by Tendencia was included in the first edition. Relive the finest moments and follow us on social media.

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