Cook Out 4th Edition at La Roca Restaurant


Throughout time cultures have been characterized among many customs by gastronomic dishes and the sense of good eating. In the fourth edition of Cook Out organized by the emblematic restaurant La Roca by executive chef Alberto Collarte, there was a night that highlighted culinary flavors of Latin America with the participation of 5 guest chefs.

With the amazing ocean view and a pineapple tepache as welcoming cocktail, the senses where prepared for a culinary journey Among the outstanding dishes the Mexican chef Colibri Jimenez prepared two delicious options of tamale, one with shrimp and red recado another of sole in green recado and a refreshing tiradito of horse mackerel with tiger milk.

The Guatemalan chef Pablo Diaz used outstanding products from the peninsula to present a cold bar with raw chocolates clams in green sauce and Kumamoto oysters with chorizo and cocoa vinaigrette. Gonzalo Cerda from Argentina opted for two classics with great grilled flavor of lamb and Magellanic beef in the choice of pita bread or corn tortillas, with tzatziki, a fantastic combination!

Pedro Arceyut from Costarica, made a traditional Chifrijol and pati lemon empanadas, Kris Kabush, from Canada, but with local heart prepared a splendid baked salmon marinated in maple and kombu sauce.

The host chef Alberto Collarte, from Chile surprised the palates with arrollado chacarero.

Each dish served in buffet-style stations, with the presence of the respective chefs, who pleasantly talked with the diners, all coming together to achieve a unique experience as Grand Solmar Land’s End knows how to conjugate.

The dessert table closed the night with chocolate alfajores, buñuelos, cornbread and miniature walnut cakes. A great option to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple’s night out!

Wait for the next date to experience it!


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