Rosaura Rodríguez

“Photography as a technique is pure physics. It is handling light and shadows, movement and distances. Observation, sensitivity and talent are the key to turning it into Art.”

In the digital age, photography has become even more of an art. The talent behind the camera lens goes far beyond just clicking. In an interview with Rosaura Rodríguez, we enter this fascinating world of photography today.

Rosaura studies design, photography and painting. He decides to specialize and follow his passion, photography. This is the technique he chooses to convey his experiences and emotions.


“My memories include seeing my dad collect all our family moments, taking photos of my mother, me and my brothers. I loved it. It was like the first spark that kindled my interest in photography. I look like a reporter because I want to capture every moment. They are memories that I want to preserve. I get excited to know I can then see them again … and remember.”

As a child, the memory of her father capturing everything in pictures aroused her interest in this art form. People and landscapes are two elements Rosaura finds particularly appealing. She seeks to transmit the stories of the moments she captures.

“There are photographs that are very studied and highly anticipated, but there are others that are born of the moment. Where I am in the place, circumstance and beautifully opportune timing. I have to be prepared for everything. I seek to portray the origins of people, where they are from, what they do, what they bring to this world.

From a landscape, I look for drama. I like to achieve the dramatic effect of astonishment that only lasts a moment when capturing a landscape. That’s because each moment is unrepeatable. The light changes from one second to the next and the following image will not be the same.”

Rosaura also finds inspiration from the works of Renoir, Van Gogh and Duchamp to photographers such as Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry, Annie Leibovitz, Emmanuel Lubezki, and others. She uses their work as a guide when selecting images for her collections.

“My collections reflect the moment I am going through, or, they are focused on something that has happened to me, and make me who I am. For example, I have a collection that reflects the folklore of Mexico. The central theme is the beauty of my country and is composed of photos that make me feel even more proud of my origins. I think our country is so rich in culture that we have really fallen short. We still have a lot to say about Mexico.”

Sculpture, painting and living adventures abroad are Rosaura’s other great passions. Traveling with a camera and chasing the perfect photograph is an endless journey and, many times, risky.


“The biggest challenge that a photographer faces today is perhaps the controversy regarding photography as art. My brushes are the camera, the light, the shadows. The computer? It is the frame. Few understand that photographers pursue the extreme. It involves risk, leaving the “atelier”, leave your comfort zone, venture, be patient and observers, make investment where many times there will be unconscious, sleepless, tired, hot or cold. Going to extremes is what I call added value.”

In 2016, fate gave Rosaura the opportunity to learn and surrender in order to make a decision in favor of the health of her spine and to continue doing what she loves the most. It is in these circumstances, when at the same time there is an opportunity to open her own exhibition space.

“For a long time and with a friend, the intention was to open a gallery. This was possible until I had to take care of my health and surrender to the situation that demanded priority, and when one flows with life without putting up resistance, wonderful things happen. My family has been my engine and accomplice.

My friend took a different path and I, returned from a successful medical operation and with my goal come true: My gallery, a space created to share what I do with a all my heart.”

Los Cabos is a completely different place from where I grew up in Puerto Vallarta. I was captivated by the colors here. When I arrived, there were not many cultural options, especially for young people, so I started an art workshop for children.

Today, I consider Los Cabos part of myself. Little by little, I want to give back to this destination, doing my part in culture and art.”

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