Responsibility, honesty and confidentiality are the values that drive the Culebro Abogados law firm. Transparency with the customer is essential. As a result, each lawyer at Culebro Abogados does everything possible to meet the needs of customers in a professional and timely manner. Personalized service and constant communication make sure clients feel supported and not isolated.

“Law is a profession of challenges and responsibilities, but also of great satisfaction. That’s the equation that continues to generate interest in the profession.”


Javier Culebro graduated from the University Ibero Americana in Mexico City. He later received a master’s degree in international law at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and a postgraduate degree in corporate and economic law at the Universidad Iberoamericana. With approximately 25 years of experience, Javier began his career as an intern.

Javier practiced at the law firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP in New York for two years. Later, he taught corporate law at the CIDE Campus in Mexico City, while working in an office where one of his clients had investments in Los Cabos. After making several trips to Los Cabos, he became a partner in a local firm.

“I arrived in Los Cabos 12 years ago. I came to realize that moving here for good would combine two important factors: my work and the quality of family life that we could have by changing residences.”

For Javier, the breakthrough in his professional life came in Los Cabos. His career had prepared him for the challenge of opening an independent firm and he considered the move necessary to fully implement his experience and to be able to interact directly with each client.

“I think there is a moment in life when you have to stop and put the time you have been working in the profession into perspective and consider where you see yourself in the future. Two years ago, I decided to start a new project in which I could structure and demonstrate what a law firm should be from a very particular point of view.

It’s important for me to grow and be independent in terms of the decisions that are made every day and which I consider best for my work group. With the passage of time, I am convinced that I made the right decision. The success of Culebro Abogados has allowed us to open offices in other parts of the country.”

Culebro Abogados is focused on the areas of real estate law, corporate law, foreign investments, financial law, sports law and legal audits.

“Personally, the real estate branch is my favorite, because it has several sub branches. I can focus on issues of property rights, permits, the federal maritime-land area and more. Real estate can encompass many small areas of law, but also include global issues. That is important for me because I continue to learn.

Our philosophy as a law firm is to provide legal services in an honest and professional manner. At no time do we try to generate false expectations by accepting business that is outside the scope of the practices we handle.

Confidentiality is another important pillar of our profession. The information and documentation that we receive from our clients is very sensitive. It is our responsibility to keep it classified.

Los Cabos is a place of many opportunities. There is the matter of investment from the corporate point of major developments, and also the personal interest of families who come here to own a home and start a future. All together, they make the professional practice of legal services even more important.

I think we are on a good path as a tourist destination and that’s the way it will continue to be.”

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