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Who would think that at a latitude of 23° 03′ north and a longitude of 109° 42′ west a population would exist with such cultural diversity, both in the inhabitants and in the art. I’m referring to the historic district of San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur. This one location can boast of having an impressive concentration of both local and international artists.

Works of art that have traveled miles to reach this picturesque site in Mexico, as well as many other local creations that are the result of the unique inspiration provided by Los Cabos, are gathered in the well-known Galleries District in the Historic Center between the streets of Obregón, Guerrero and Morelos. Infected by the enthusiasm for enjoying art, other streets have opened spaces to further expand the notoriety of San Jose del Cabo as a cultural and artistic destination. Those who have visited this district for years, know I am telling the truth.


The airport has made Los Cabos an easily accessible place to travel. That has certainly made artists more confident and comfortable about transporting their art.

San Jose del Cabo started life as a mission and was founded by the Jesuit Nicolás Tamaral in 1730. It is the oldest historical attraction in the region. However, it is not the only place to visit when you come to Los Cabos. A craving for culture and art will convince you to dedicate at least one afternoon to touring the Galleries District. Artists from all over the world will capture your attention with their creations.

The well-known “Art Walk” is a must-see for art lovers. The municipality of Los Cabos has allowed certain streets to be pedestrian-only from 5pm to 9pm on Thursdays, November to June.  The Galleries District is a delight to the senses and the perfect place for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the many creative expressions. Wine can also be part of your experience and, afterward, you can end up in a nearby restaurant with an exquisite menu.

In art, there are millions of roads, as many roads as artists.

– Rufino Tamayo 1899-1991

It’s likely you will appreciate the artist’s work on your visit to the Galleries District, but even if you don’t, you will want to attend an exhibition opening. Each of the Galleries has its own magic that has been created by the artists or represented in an innovative way by the owner. You will be able to observe spectacular works of art by more than 200 artists. Most are from Mexican towns, but don’t forget the local and international creators who have found San Jose del Cabo to be the ideal place to exhibit their artistic talents.

Without a doubt, the Galleries District is a rare find for collectors, decorators, real estate developers and, in general, for any lover of good art.

If the art could speak, it would be proud to have been exhibited in the Galleries District. Every pair of eyes would be captivated by its beauty and be moved by the artistic adventure. Perhaps its destiny would be a residence or a tourist development in Baja California Sur. Or, maybe it would board a plane and move to the Meridiano 0° on an upcoming direct flight to London.


Maybe one day we will be surprised by a painting by Bansky himself in this Josefina town.

As in most things, the effort it takes to display art on a wall is rarely noticed. It may appear minimal but, in reality, it is the result of hard work that starts with an idea, the procurement of original materials, transporting the work, contracting for the transport insurance, displaying the work and the agreement of terms with the Galleries or the artists. After that, the work must be protected, rotated, and more.

Everything from a commissioned work created for a special project, to the search for a certain type of art, is part of the options each Gallery offers.

Los Cabos makes room for new creators, and hosts a diverse number of discpilines including painting, sculpture, dance, letters, music and crafts. Innovative and traditional art in all its manifestations enriches the lives of those who stroll along streets that are so full of joy and life. The sights, sounds, smells, and flavors make this space a unique cultural star in the region. In the spaces that are not limited to visual art, you may happen upon the presentation of a book.

Culture has no limits. Let’s use the existing spaces we have to fully realize this human understanding: the beauty of individual expression.

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