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A truce for our senses

Los Cabos is a spa destination. Not only for the tourists that visit but for those who live here. It seems that living in Los Cabos is like living in a paradise and, if it is, you simply have to take the time to enjoy it.

Just watching the sea and listening to the waves come and go, enjoying a sunset or snorkeling the tiny world of a reef makes us feel alive.

Every day our eyes are saturated with all kinds of visual contamination. Unless, of course, we choose a pleasant reading that makes us laugh or instructs us.

Lunch is a time when we eat mechanically, in a hurry and sometimes without the opportunity to choose a healthy dish. The act of dining is interrupted by telephone calls and messages that make it difficult for us to interact with those around us.

The sense of smell perceives the unpleasant odors that, as a society, we have originated. These smells have replaced those that a mountain path offers, where smells nature can still be enjoyed.

The ear is also saturated by the noise of passing cars, sirens, construction work and loud music we sometimes cannot understand. Silence and the singing of birds in the morning is no longer appreciated.

The sense of touch, so necessary when we were babies, is now diminished by having our hands occupied with electronic devices. Each time the caresses and hugs we receive are less meaningful because the giver is immersed in his or her own world.

We only have one resource left to return to being human. Using our sixth sense, we can return to the world of well-being, health and sensations. While we can do it ourselves by preparing our own food, listening to music we like, scenting our home with oils from different plants, walking, dancing, and more, the place where I would invite you to awaken your senses would be a SPA.

Although the origin of the word SALUS PER AQUAM means health originated by water, a SPA opens a range of possibilities for regaining health.


Imagine that your eyes are closed, and you are on a flat path with no obstacles. You walk a certain distance, slowly, with only your feet touching the ground. You walk for half an hour, each time that you deviate from the route, the stones that line the path make you return to the center, like a compass pointed north. The mental exercise of recognizing that your body can do things with touch and without the aid of sight is the wonderful work of inner self-confidence.

In a spa, you can return to the womb through a magical experience. In a tub of warm water let yourself be rocked by an expert as if you were a baby that has just been born.


Experience the temazcal ritual where time seems to pass you by. Surprise yourself with the scents and benefits of the healing medicinal plants our ancestors used. Spas with rooms built of salt that use the energy benefits of the ancient mineral are therapy for the spirit. Or, try a massage using river stones. These natural raw materials will lull you into a deep sleep while an expert works on your stress points.

These are just some examples. The diversity of luxurious and natural experiences available on the Baja California Sur peninsula offers such customized and original treatments that you will return again and again.

Either in a spa or through an activity in harmony with nature, our bodies thank us for taking the time to indulge ourselves and take care of our most sacred possession, our health.

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Edici贸n 41 - Baja California Sur
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