Monthly Archives: July 2019

ME Cabo

A modern and fun alternative ME Cabo’s most significant events are the popular White Party and the New Year’s party. Their dynamism has positioned them as an international reference thanks to the prestigious DJ’s that light-up the night. With an average attendance of 1,500 people, ME Cabo conceptualizes large-scale events, handling everything from the level
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The beauty of making other hearts beat

Last Thursday, July 25, a press conference was held at the H+ Hospital to publicize the results of the 5th Jornada Unidos de Corazon thanks to the commitment and help of organizations like Corazon de Niño, Amigos de Los Niños and H+ Hospital, in which they are looking to provide kids with a lifetime opportunity to continue their path.   20 procedures were performed helping 18 infants in the
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Cave Paintings

Enrique Hambleton Professional photographer, writer and conservationist of Baja California Sur’s heritage. Thanks to Enrique’s research and work, the Cave Paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1993. Mexican citizen with deep roots in Baja California Sur, the first von Borstel arrived to La Paz from Germany
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