12 experiences to live in BCS this 2020

After the holidays, we start thinking and valuing what we did last year and what we want to improve this one that starts. It is also a good time to consider that there are invaluable moments and are worth living in family, as a couple, with friends, or even take a moment as individuals to perform them…

  1. Ice skating. Tops the list, since the synthetic rink in San José del Cabo will be available until January 15 * When would we have imagined being able to do this activity in Los Cabos? Dare to try this sport. Those with children over 6 years old, you can go with your family! Discover more activities to do in Family this year with the winter issue of Tendencia Kids.
  2. Dinner at a NEW RESTAURANT  – Culinary Awards Guide 2019-2020! Do you know which were the winning restaurants? Try new styles and flavors and discover why Los Cabos is one of the favorite destinations for foodies.
  3. Try a new cocktail… If the cuisine has grown in Los Cabos, the world of cocktails has not been left behind. We will be listening to trends in molecular mixology, speakeasy, tiki, and others. In addition to creations with distillates such as Mezcal, Tequila, and Damiana! Let them surprise you with signature cocktails.
    Discover new options with our issue Sudcalifornia Lifestyle 2019… and wait soon for the Gastronomy 2020 editorials!
  4. Attend a wellness retreat is a way to reconnect with your body … what better option to begin the year than to be aware of the habits we must change and align priorities.
  5. Give yourself a day of SPA! Chek our Golf & Spa 2019 issue to discover new and innovative treatments, as well as the SPA directory in Los Cabos.
  6. Travel to explore a municipality or corner of Baja California Sur! Rural locations in Santa Rosalia, Mulegé, Comondú or Loreto might surprise you! Discover less popular sites that impact with their natural beauty in our section Guest Destination.
  7. Try new activities or choose a sport! biking, hiking (Sierra de la Laguna or El Picachu) Surfing, Diving or snorkeling. Participate in a marathon or half marathon, sandboard, kitesurf, golf, tennis, or why not, venture into sport fishing?
  8. Attend a Festival or Event that you have not lived before … cultural, musical, gastronomic, rural. Suddenly some overlap in dates and if in 2019 we had to decide, this year lives a new one. We have a calendar of 2020 events for you to choose, anticipate and have a new experience. Many of them are altruistic … which leads to the following purpose …
  9. Choose to support an association. Within our Standing Strong section, each edition exposes the objective and purpose of various associations that help the community. We have a list of more than 40 foundations throughout the state. During the year they have sporting events and fundraising activities … it is also a wonderful way to sensitize children and value what we have.
  10. Explore a protected natural area of ​​Baja California Sur: Espiritu Santo Island as a family, Cabo Pulmo, Sol de Mayo in Santiago, Sierra de la Laguna …
  11. Travel from one extreme to the other of the peninsula! How many have made this adventure journey? Being in touch with Nature reminds us of the things that really matter and we value what we know. Check out our edition Enhance your Baja California Sur Experience to get ideas of places to explore.
  12. – Enjoy the fireworks show in the marina of Los Cabos. Each year this destination becomes one of the most popular places to be at New Year’s Eve. Whether you choose a boat trip, a hotel or camping with a blanket at El Medano beach… it is an experience worth adding to your list!
    Cabo San Lucas Marina 2019 by Oscar Ortiz

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