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Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

Every year, there’s a new trend in fashion and gastronomy. The world of cocktails is no different. In 2020, we will be creating and serving Tiki-style offerings at La Cantina de Hacienda Cocina & Cantina.

The word Tiki refers to what is homemade, a hallmark of La Cantina Bar. The new menu is full of personalized cocktails, inspired by seasonal fruits and with a balance of flavors you would never have imagined possible. Would you dare order a Martini Mezcal with pineapple vinegar?

“The Cantina Bar offers classic cocktails with subtle variations that will make Los Cabos a destination you never forget. In fact, we’re well-known for our constant innovation. We want you to give our unique cocktails a try. You may discover a new favorite right here at our bar right in the downtown of Cabo San Lucas, with a view to the sea that look like is integrated into the restaurant and might appear that are the same stage.”

More than simply following a recipe, the secret at La Cantina can be found in the variations that transform a margarita, martini or bloody Mary into an unforgettable experience.

Purees of pineapple, jamaica flower, tamarind and guava; ice infused with essences, colors or edible flowers; exotic syrups, teas, herbs and spices; a variety of unique salts such chili pepper; and, exotic additions such as ash and worms in Mezcal await you in La Cantina. All this can try at La Cantina.

Visit any day of the week and pamper yourself with the ocean view and captivating flavors of a La Cantina cocktail. Become an expert!

Although the obvious dynamic gives the city of Cabo San Lucas a relaxed atmosphere, the vibrant nightlife balances a sense of tranquility with an unquestionable party feeling. La Cantina offers everything from the sounds of music to the magnificent beachfront location.

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