Not for yourself, but for the country

Although it is at the tip of what could almost be considered an island, Baja California Sur, specifically the Municipality of Los Cabos, contains a world of possibilities for those who reside here.

It is a place of creativity par excellence for both the national and international world, and for such diverse reasons. A large majority of those who settle in Los Cabos have a sense of responsibility and respect. We know there are deficiencies just as there are elsewhere. However, we do not focus on anything other than getting better. It is very true that we are not just waiting for the government to bring changes and improvements to this tourist destination. Our community well knows what must be done and does so. With the support of the authorities, we can create and invent better ways of living together and overcoming our challenges. It is a just matter of finding solutions and making them happen.


I will not go into the details, but thanks to the international community that lives in Los Cabos, various non-profit foundations for health, education, environment, animal protection, and others have emerged. Likewise, we Mexicans have learned to participate in these altruistic institutions, and in their advice and direction as well.

This reminds me of the phrase from John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” That says it all.

Not only is it the responsibility of a government to make a destination a place of evolution in a positive sense, the governed must also act.

When traveling in other places, you realize that the needs of a community are the same. International institutions work to establish a presence throughout the world. For example, they take care of the oceans, develop nutrition programs, improve education; they seek to meet a myriad of needs.

There is no need to discover a magic bullet, but to put into practice everything that works in other places. Likewise, Los Cabos gives us the opportunity to be pioneers of new ideas that can work in our community. The only thing that would get in the way is apathy to contribute to some improvement, whether with time, money or ideas.

The idea that you cannot create a project that contributes to society in Los Cabos is almost ridiculous. Leadership in this destination is simply a matter of decision. We do not want to remain inactive and let time pass us by. We want to act and avoid mistakes from other places, setting an example for other populations in the world.

Our territory has no limits on creativity. The only limit is the sea, and this does not separate us from the rest of the world but unites us with the same force of gravity.

As far as I am concerned, I agree with and support continuing the campaign to raise awareness of the 10 private initiatives begun in 2018. Of importance is not being distracted when driving a car.


Raises awareness in schools, from kindergarten to high school, about the value and respect for life when driving a car on the transpeninsular road that we all use daily.

Starting with fundraising activities, a video was made on the subject, about 7,000 posters were printed with the campaign logo, talks and press conferences were held, and finally, permission was obtained from the Federal Government to place 20 traffic signs between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas where cell phone use is prohibited when driving. The sole intention is improving road safety.

Even though there was no initial enforcement of penalties for talking on cell phones while driving, conscientious children became the parents’ traffic cops.

As a result, I am happy to say that the authorities began to enforce the law and instituted a system of fines for drivers who are distracted at the wheel. The approximate penalty is $8,000 pesos. It surprised many who continued using their cell phone while driving. There is no fine that can repay a life that has been taken. Let us be guided by respect for the lives of others.

I am also aware of and have participated in several new efforts to improve this destination, including education, ecology and health projects. Thanks to these private initiative leaders who enthusiastically invite the population to participate, we will keep Los Cabos growing on the right path.

Non sibi sed patriae (or patriæ) is a Latin phrase meaning “not for self, but for country.”

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