The new cocktail trends in Los Cabos


On Thursday at noon, Nicksan Palmilla was an accomplice of the Cabo Cocktail Festival —where mixologists from Los Cabos, from the interior of the Republic and other countries listened to Micah Melton, Beverage director of Aviary, Benjamin Padron, owner of Limantour and Pablo Iceman, ice sculptor —talk about new trends in the world of mixology.

The first advice they gave to the attendees was to create their own concepts and be authentic, in this way, the diners will realize the simplicity of the drink that, at the same time, is made with a perfect balance between flavors and ingredients.

One of the trends that will come for this year are drinks with little or no alcohol, something that the bars should definitely incorporate into their menus thanksthe importance of the world when it comes to taking care of yourself, having a good diet and awareness about what we consume.

The exhibitors agreed that nowadays, those who go to bars want to have a good time, and talk. This is a great challenge for mixologists because creating a cocktail without the alcohol component, says Micah, is much more complex.

Another important factor that became we heard, while tasting a refreshing cocktail made by Nicksan Palmilla, was to give your team the autonomy to make their own inventions. It is important that each bar has its identity because there will be a specific structure that diners can remember instantly.

In turn, there was also the matter of paying attention to the experience of diners and being honest with the type of resources available. It is important to know the type of cost involved in making your menu, the space in the bar and the time you will devote to the cocktail.

Also, one point was to be faithful to what the menu says. If you list the ingredients that the drink has and in them the cocoa is described, you should feel it on your palate. To finish the seminar, the three exhibitors agreed that it is necessary to adapt to your cocktails and have a special connection with them because only then, whoever has tried it, will return for more.


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