The story behind the cover

With charisma, simplicity and good humor, Uncas shares the story behind the cover.

“This image was taken in Ciudad Insurgentes. It was a quick two-day trip. We went by road at night, stopped to see the stars, and arrived at the valley at dawn.  We slept maybe six hours.

We arrived at a ranch in the valley that was full of goats. We were given a tour of all the ranch areas and the last were the orange and tangerine groves. It was a pleasant surprise! I didn’t expect to see so much color and life in the middle of the desert.”



Uncas has been living in Los Cabos for 15 years. A graduate of photography in Guadalajara, he discovered his passion at the age of 13. From that moment on, he was motivated to increase his knowledge and elevate his passion to a professional level.

“My dad gave me my first professional camera on my birthday. It was a NIKON D5300. Studying in Guadalajara exposed me to a panorama of photographic styles, such as urban and model photography that I have attempted to apply today in Los Cabos. In general, Mexican photography inspires me.”

What captivates you in Baja California Sur?

I have traveled the peninsula from Los Cabos to Guerrero Negro. What captivates me most is the sky. It is the only place in Mexico where you can actually see the glow of the stars.  This state is the only place the stars and spectacular sunsets can be seen to such magnitude.

Why did you choose to study photography?

I grew up in a family surrounded by artists. Getting good grades at school was not my forte. I owe a lot to my father, Manu Castillo. He is my favorite artist, best friend and mentor.

How have you grown as a photographer in recent years?

I have a lot of gratitude. I graduated and returned to Los Cabos with a job. I have been collaborating directly or indirectly with the tourist industry in Baja California Sur for four years through Tendencia.

I have ranged from product photography to large-scale events such as the Bisbee’s tournaments, Los Cabos Film Festival, the Tennis Open and Extreme Sailing where I had to take photos from a sailboat.

I feel that work has been my best school!

A future goal?

I would love to have my first exhibition. I already have an idea and even the title. On the other hand, I would like to work with a team. As good as a photographer may be, you cannot cover an event or a wedding by yourself.

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