We are Los Cabos


Los Cabos has always been a unique destination. Perhaps the mysticism of this place located at Land’s End or the warmth of its people distinguishes it. The truth is that through difficult circumstances our greatest strength, unity, stands out.

We recall the ravages that have occurred in the past, such as Hurricane Odile in 2014, after which the destination resurfaced stronger than ever, and since then has been before the eyes of the world with international events, attractive hotel chains and the opening of distinguished restaurants.

The multiculturalism that has been present in this peninsula since its inception, today gives us our own identity. We are all Los Cabos, South Californians of original rooted families, courageous leather soldiers, European immigrants who gave rise to the mining companies and pioneering visionaries who have bet on the magic of this place to invest.

We are Los Cabos is a call to remember that our strength is in leaving individual interests aside to take care of each other.

Many hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist services have considered the health of their workforce first, closing their doors so as not to raise the contagion curve and thus be one step ahead to the ending of this time. This episode too will come to an end.

At the same time, dialogue with collaborators has been reinforced to reach points of common agreement, work from home, distribute grocerie pantries and be attentive to the needs of food or encouragement around us.

Hard times have shaped the personality of Los Cabos and its people… and will continue to do so. Let’s stay together to strengthen our society and transcend as a friendly, safe and valued tourist destination


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