Christian Ricci, a versatile chef in Los Cabos

Sharing cooking tasks with his entire family planted a love and passion for cooking with fresh produce in Christian.

“Everyone in the family had a responsibility. At six, my job was to collect glass jars throughout the summer that we used to pack the tomato sauce for the winter. Making canned salsa for the summer was a party that brought the whole family together.”


Cooking was a necessity for Ricci while his parents worked. He was encouraged to take a pan and spatula and prepare simple meals like scrambled eggs. The same emotion that brings Italian families to the table is delivered with each dish at Picaro Ristorante.

After nine years of living in Los Cabos, Christian has been able to closely observe the growth of gastronomy, from the arrival of new chefs, to the diversity of products harvested in the area.

“The history of gastronomy in Los Cabos is very interesting. The type of tourism that has arrived has also led to a higher level of culinary offerings. Today’s palates are accustomed to extravagant proposals and the expectation of perfect service. Competition is always good. It helps us all grow.”

One of the chefs he admires is Josh Niland for the way he has managed to broaden the vision and proposals using fresh fish.

For Christian, inspiration can come any time. However, he treasures the moments of concentration he finds on lonely beaches. Exploring the beaches and shore fishing from the Pacific to Cerritos are two of his main hobbies.

“Los Cabos has a bit of everything. It has all the services and entertainment options, but also the soul of the people because of the tranquil way they live.”

His perfect vacation in Baja California Sur would be in a 4X4 van well-equipped for sleeping and cooking. He would have two or three months without rushing around. There would be plenty of time to tour the entire Pacific coast by road to El Vizcaino, prepare a campfire, fish, and sleep under the stars.

Picaro, Garden Cuisine

In a relaxed atmosphere looking out at the Pacific Ocean, Picaro invites you to spend a moment with friends as if you were on the terrace of a home, without hurry. Enjoy the sunset, and the environment without hurry. Ricci refers to his menu as “garden cuisine” because the dishes offered change around seasonal local ingredients.

Favorite dish for meetings with friends: We usually gather for grill cookouts and maybe accompany what we prepare with a ceviche appetizer.

Happy Meal: A quick pasta at home with garlic, olive oil and chili or tomato sauce. But sincerely at home I eat very few times. I do try to go out and visit my fellow chefs and dine at their restaurants.

Street Food: I’m a big fan of tacos. If I’m in the mood for an asado (beef) taco, you will definitely find me at Chuy Marisa.

Kitchen Gadgets: Pastry tongs and a knife.

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