Cristian Morales, an artistic chef in La Paz

Originally from Mexico City, Cristian pursued art, music and photography as a way of releasing his creative energy. As a result, he discovered the culinary arts. They freed his imagination and gave him a place where his ideas were transformed into culinary pleasures.

His move from the capital of the country to La Paz, the capital of the state of Baja California Sur, undoubtedly opened new opportunities for his creativity.

“What I definitely like most about living in La Paz is the sea. For me, it is both majestic and imposing, with all its shades of blue ranging from turquoise to indigo. I always marvel at its beauty.”

In the kitchen of Puerta Cortes

When Cristian arrived in Baja California Sur, he knew very little about the state. However, the magic that only those who visit these lands can experience quickly found a home in Christian.


“In a few words, it’s a paradise! I still have a lot to discover. My perfect vacation would be to explore all the towns. The rural areas of a destination are always what surprise me the most.”

“Cooking is the most complete art because it uses all the senses. I have always been a very restless person. In the kitchen, I found the perfect place to express myself.”

Culinary styles he enjoys most

I share the love of Italian cuisine because it is very similar to Mexican. Both are family oriented.

“Cooking pasta may be simple, but preparing the sauce is very exciting. Another dish that I enjoy preparing is a good salad. There are endless combinations that you can create. The ingredients and colors inspire me.”

“Vegetables and fruit always put me in a good mood.”

Christian’s family is his greatest source of inspiration. The coexistence between generations motivates him to look for dishes that provoke a familial feeling in those who try them in the different restaurants of Puerta Cortes.


Cook to share, not to compete.

“A few years ago, competition programs among chefs became very popular. That’s not a bad thing. I think competition can improve the quality of the gastronomy in a destination. However, it is clear to me that the main reason for cooking is the bond that exists around the table.”

One of the chefs Christian admires for the simple way he uses ingredients is Javier Plasencia.

Laughing, Cristian tells us that the kitchen is more jealous than any woman. However, when he is able to find some free time, he enjoys reading, playing guitar and listening to music.

Favorite Book: Five Photos of My Wife by Agnès Desarthe

Musical group: Caifanes

Kitchen Tool: The knife. It is essential to know it well to cook … and cook until the metal of the knife melts in your hand!

Iconic dish you prepare for friends: Pasta alla Carbonara

Happy dish: A colorful salad

Sunset Lounge Bar. The place to meet friends. With a spectacular view towards the bay of La Paz and its iconic sunsets.

Steinbeck. A restaurant to delight in cuts of meat that will revolutionize your palate.

Mosaic: You will always find variety and freshness to start the day at the breakfast buffet.

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Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexico
Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexico
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