From an ever-growing cooking and dining scene to an explosion of first-rate business investments, everything necessary for an excellent vacation, including great views everywhere you look, make Baja California Sur the place to live.

Carmen Carbajal

“Los Cabos unleashes your creativity. I love the natural diversity because it allows me to enjoy a clear sky and the unique light.”


Carmen has had a 25-year career at Nicksan. She is one of the founders of Sabor a Cabo and, over the years, has created several projects. She is a faithful supporter of justice and institutions. As a member of CANIRAC, she has defended the rights of restaurant owners.

Her family is her inspiration. She is also focused on one of the best restaurants in Mexico. For Carmen, continuing to meet the challenges ahead is her greatest desire. “Either you keep growing and innovating or someone else comes along and does it better.”

Some of her hobbies are traveling and going to places where locals eat, including seafood and municipal markets, taco stands, and restaurants.

Whenever she returns from a trip, it is with a suitcase full of ingredients. Enjoying beans from a pot at home brings back fond family memories.

What’s Next?

The preservation of culture through gastronomy is important. Sabor a Cabo Rural is especially gratifying and over the next three years, she will continue to be involved in this project because it has an important economic impact on local producers.

Yahwe García

“Los Cabos offers plenty of opportunities to create first-rate events and no matter what is planned, the service will be excellent across the board.”


Del Cabo Event Design is a company that works hard to make people around you happy. Every effort is directed towards producing quality events, treating employees well, paying suppliers on time, and creating strong alliances.

Yahwe says that for any company, there’s nothing more important than working together to benefit the customer. Teamwork means shared happiness.

An activity he enjoys most is yoga and meditating in the morning. It brings him much peace. He also likes to play board games, gather with friends, dine out at restaurants like Flora’s Farm and, of course, travel.

Traveling is where he finds inspiration.

What’s Next?

Although he initially was a bit skeptical about the partnership, he described a project he is working on that will benefit Los Cabos. We are waiting for more details soon.

Rosa María Mendoza Salgado

“What I like most about La Paz is the union of that comes from the acceptance of the fact: we are all immigrants.”


Mrs. Rosita Mendoza is a teacher, chronicler, and author of several books, including Huellas Ancestrales and Cronicas de mi Puerto.

She accepts no limits on learning and the love she feels for her land encourages us to join her heartfelt struggle to guard, protect and share the history of the first California.

When she does not have a pen in hand while unraveling the past in an historical archive, she likes to hike in the mountains, visit Balandra beach and dine at Oliva Al Mare.

What’s Next?

“How can I not love you, my city! My love was first serenaded as I crossed your boardwalk tinged with a scarlet twilight … Welcome everyone!” says Rosita, reciting a verse from Jose Alberto Perez Trasviña.

Her personal goal is to expand tourism, culture, and preserve our heritage so tourists can experience it as it truly is. Her dream is to turn La Paz into a cultural headquarters.

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Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexico
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