Association of food and beverage leaders in Los Cabos

Once again, Los Cabos demonstrated a remarkable ability to work together. With the goal of highlighting Mexican cuisine and service in a destination that is determined to remain on the cutting edge, the first state association of food and beverage leaders was officially created in November 2019.

There are currently 110 members, including A&B executives, bar managers, mixologists, chief sommeliers, and business leaders. The association is the voice of operational services. The board is made up of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and four members. Monthly meetings deal with a wide range of topics and opportunities for continuous training.

Roberto Babbio | Founding partner

“Competition forces you to grow. Los Cabos is for those who are willing to constantly learn.

We could say that we started as a club. Back in August, four hotel leaders and friends began meeting once a week to share ideas, apply motivational goals and lay the groundwork for service standards with our work teams. We began to invite more people to the meetings, because there is strength in unity. Little by little, it all took shape.

The hotel association has the vision of providing monthly service-focused training to all members. The venues have rotated among the hotels that are members and have audiovisual facilities. One of our goals is to have our own space so that any member can use it.”

Isidoro Mendez | President

“The language of service is a universal language. The measurement of success comes through recognition.”

Isidoro became a full-time participant in the Los Cabos food and beverage industry when he arrived in 2000. Later he became a “food critic” on a radio program. From there, he launched a segment called “training leaders.”

Now on a break from the microphone, his focus is on his passion: food and drinks. In 2019, his “Entertainers” program provided a panoramic look that brought him up close to everything happening in the food and beverage industry and, in turn, gave rise to the weekly meetings with industry leaders that served as a prelude to the association.

The success and public acceptance of the 31 different programs has been notable, chiefly due to guests who comment every eight days and share their experiences live and in different locations.

As the programs progresses, Isidoro can see how gastronomy in Los Cabos can achieve number one status in Mexico. However, he notes how service must also be consistently excellent.

“The gastronomy scene in Los Cabos has greatly evolved. Today, international chefs such as Jeremiah Tower and Thierry Blouet, Michelin star chefs in international restaurants such as Jean George Vongerichten and Sydney Schutte and chefs who have brought fine Mexican cuisine to the world such as Enrique Olvera, Benito Molina, and Richard Sandoval earn more and more awards that elevate the standards of Los Cabos restaurants.”

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