Los Cabos sets the standard in the new way of traveling

The incorporation of strict health and safety protocols that will be applied throughout the travel industry and service providers, as well as a strategic plan to reopen the destination shows careful planning in Los Cabos.

“The way we travel may have changed, but the experiences in Los Cabos are still unique. The goal of waiting for the right momengt for the phased reopening is to systematically allow hotels, timeshares, and service providers to resume activities while protecting the health and safety of the community and travelers, and to prevent the resurgence of new cases of viruses. ” . Rodrigo Esponda, General Director of FITURCA.

The new phases that are projected to resume occupation in Los Cabos are the following:

Phase I: Travel activities will be resumed with a limit of international and national arrivals. Service providers in the sector will focus on the implementation of health and hygiene protocols.

Phase II: reopening of the international terminal at the airport and the slow recovery of international arrivals.

Phase III: recovery of national and international arrivals, especially reservations that were previously postponed.

Phase IV: the return of luxury travelers and groups, as well as visitors from Canada and the United Kingdom. Recovery of 60% of the reserves projected by EOY.

Phase V: restoration of 60% of air connectivity together with 80% of reserves.

Strict health and safety measures will be implemented throughout the destination to ensure a safer travel environment include:

  • Association with travel providers to obtain the “Clean Point” Certification, offered by the Ministry of Tourism in Mexico, and thus strictly comply with hygiene protocols.
  • Health and hygiene manuals.
  • Reinforcement of hygiene, cleanliness, physical distance from the traveler, and the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Standardized health review protocols at the airport and port.
  • Flexible travel policies.
  • Streamlining of communication protocols between the hotel, suppliers, and local authorities.

We remember that  Los Cabos is the top luxury destination in Mexico. It receives more than 3.2 million travelers each year and 90% of the population of Los Cabos depends directly or indirectly on this sector.

Playa Balandra, La Paz (2 horas de Los Cabos)

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