A day of fishing with Angel Carbajal

“A love for fishing, diving, nature and water sports allowed me to discover the incredible richness of the sea. Since then, I’ve learned to appreciate the great variety of fish and other species that live in the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean,” Angel Carbajal.

It is early, around 6:00 am, and the first rays of the sun are still hidden behind the horizon. That is the recommended time to go fishing. So, with the appropriate clothing needed to protect us from the breeze, we set out on an adventure!

The fishing experience starts when you glimpse the beginning of a new day and the immensity of the ocean. The feeling of peace is immediate. Facing the depths of the blue sea, fishing rod in hand, a state of relaxation and contemplation takes over you swiftly.

We soon realized that, for several of the crew, the sea represented a second home, especially Angel Carbajal who shared a day of fishing with his kitchen team. They all expressed a love and respect for the sea. While on board and listening to Angel’s instructions, we noted the patience and affection with how he transmitted his knowledge and to make his companions feel comfortable.

If we go back in Angel’s history, it’s important to point out the value of the mentoring provided by Nick with whom Angel learned the art of Japanese cuisine. Nick taught Angel how to unite two cultures — Japanese and Mexican — to create unique recipes. The two are now great friends and have shared a love of cooking and golf for more than 30 years.

Angel takes as an example his mentor and the time they both spent together discussing common interests in a casual setting to interact with his team. Those moments are the ones that are held in your heart and often the ones that transform your character.

All of a sudden, a blast of air hit our faces as Angel, who was at the helm as captain, directed us towards the Gulf of California. It was there we began our search for the great fish. This time it was a splendid sawfish. The peculiar thing about fishing is that you don’t always come home with the loot you wanted but you learn to use the best way your resources and highlight the flavor of each specie. So, after exploring the Gulf of California, we changed course and headed to the Pacific Ocean.

After this exciting adventure, it was time to return. With a smile on our faces and after having fed “pancho,” the well-known sea lion that is always at the Cabo San Lucas marina, we set out on our way home, not without first having enjoyed a big breakfast at The Office. Visiting this restaurant after a day of fishing has become a tradition for Angel.

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