Changing the world, one child at a time

We accepted a challenge in 2020 to get closely involved and dig deeper into the work of various foundations and to communicate their objectives in our Standing Strong articles. On this occasion, we contacted Laura Bueno, a friend, collaborator and a member of the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation Board of Directors.

Our story begins when Marisa Comella, executive director of Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, invited us on a guided tour. We accepted.

It gave us the opportunity to discover the story behind a foundation that has been focused for almost 20 years on promoting, strengthening and enhancing health and wellness programs that provide the children of Baja California Sur with a better quality of life.

At one time, Tom Walsh sought help for Carlitos who had been diagnosed with cancer in Los Cabos. He could not imagine the chain of events he would set off when he realized the necessary medical services were not available in Los Cabos to treat the boy, not in the cities and not in the state. However, it was not an impediment to treatment. The little boy received medical attention at Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.

The year was 2002 and an organization that would later become the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation began to fill the void and take on the enormous task of promoting social awareness and the sponsorship of children with cancer.

Ten years later, the State Oncology Center opened as one of the specialties at the Juan Maria de Salvatierra General Hospital. The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation stepped in to get accreditation. To date, more than 150 children have been diagnosed and treated. Teamwork between the hospital, foundation and other public and private institutions has made it possible to provide patients with correct nutrition, chemotherapy, antibiotics and other necessary treatments.

We quickly understood why it was important for us to join the hospital family.

Later, we had the opportunity to speak with another ally against cancer, Dr. Eduardo Altamirano Alvarez, pediatric oncologist and head of the pediatric oncology unit. During our conversation, he commented, “The children’s foundation was an incredible discovery. Their humanitarian capacity and vision have made a huge difference in the lives of our patients over the years.”

“Our doors are open to working together. We want the community, staff and the foundation to combine forces until we achieve the goal of making all the children of Baja California Sur happy during such a complicated health situation”.

The knowledge and dedication of Dr. Altamirano Alvarez made an impact on us.

A responsibility of the pediatric oncology unit is to build a team of therapists who focus on the well-being of children during their hospitalization. A smile has never been more important.

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation focuses on programs that promote the health and well-being of children in Baja California Sur. Private contributions provide the necessary funds for pathology treatments, such as oncology. The foundation also weaves a support network for children and parents, accompanying them physically and psychologically throughout the treatment process.

Over almost 20 years, a specialized team has been added in areas that are dedicated full time to the programs, supplies and training of the personnel involved in each case.

Today, Los Cabos Children’s Foundation works with more than 40 other foundations. Unite to change the world, one child at a time.

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