Barra Mexicana Bar Association presents a new Board of Directors

Through a ceremony held on June 17 inside The Cape facilities, the Mexican Bar Association, Baja California Sur chapter, presented its new Board of Directors to the Thompson Hotel, in which the notary María del Pilar García Orozco assumed his presidential position in the presence of some union members and municipal authorities.

On the occasion, the first vice president of the Bar Association, Lic. Víctor Oléa Peláez extended his congratulations to the new Board of Directors, made up of:

  • Pedro Ardines Ortiz, Vice President
  • Arturo Mujica Valdivia, secretary
  • Mónica Elizabeth Espinosa Castelán, treasurer
  • Jose Luis Sapien, vocal
  • Veronica Guerrero Garcia, vocal
  • Carlos Amed Rochin Alvarez, member

Regarding her new position, Notary Public María del Pilar García Orozco stated: “We will make every effort to consolidate the work that the last committee began. We are all working hard from the beginning to meet the objectives we have set for ourselves”.

The event was also attended by Cristina Vizcaíno Díaz, second vice president of the Mexican Bar Association, who commented: “one of the most robust pillars in our bar rests on the 22 chapters worthily represented at this event and they act with complete responsibility and protest to defend the rule of law; make the Mexican Bar Council of Lawyers be considered as the national legal conscience. I want to tell you with great happiness that in this assembly we are going to obtain the largest number of members who have entered the Mexican Bar Association through the wonderful work they have done.”

Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados has as its main purpose to monitor the practice of associated lawyers, ensuring that they comply with the rules of law, the values of law, such as security and justice, as well as ethical principles and try to revalue the law, Baja California Sur being one of the chapters of said entity.


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